How To Learn Russian Language in 10 Easy Steps

learning languageThere are nearly 193 countries in the world with diverse cultures, traditions and of course language. Language has always been a barrier for many people who are fond of travelling and often have to visit various parts of the world for some or the other purpose. Some languages are easy, and some are very difficult to learn or even to understand. Russian is one them! It is considered to be the most difficult language among all foreign languages languages present in the world, after Sanskrit and Spanish.

Russian is spoken widely in Eastern Europe countries. For those who are willing to learn this language must be aware of the fact that it is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, used by more than 200 million people worldwide in daily life. If you are planning to learn this language then your first step should be to get english to russian translation books and guides that will help you throughout your course of learning.

Also, if you wish to learn without any professional help then below given steps will help you to synchronize your course of action.

  1. Remember your first lesson that your teacher taught in your primary school when you started learning your local language. Every language has the same set of learning structures. Begin with learning the sounds of alphabets and vowels. You can also record each sound and listen to them repeatedly so that it gets feed into your mind automatically without putting much efforts.
  2. Try to read and rephrase short phrases and dialogues such as “How are you?” and “What is the time ?”). This is the best exercise to read and listen at the same time.
  3. Now that you are able to identify the alphabets and words, it is the time to begin forming short sentences with the help of a good grammar book.
  4. Begin with learning nouns, adjective, verbs, infinitive and gender determination. These are considered to be the base of sentence formation in every language
  5. Create a quick look grammar chart for your reference while constructing your sentences. Getting all the important points at one place will help you to concentrate more on your task, rather than reading through the pages every time you want to seek help or cross check.
  6. Professionals will always advise you to listen to as many audio clips as you can to learn the pronunciation and accent of the language.
  7. Now once you are through with the basic grammar, it is time to make your sentences more complex and natural. Learn the forms of tenses i.e past, present and future to give your sentence formation a more realistic approach. You will be using such kind of sentences more often, than simple short phrases as you learned in the above steps.
  8. Get hold of vocabulary. It is very important to know the meaning of every common word used in normal day to day conversations. Keep on raising the bar of your vocabulary from time to time so that at the end of the course you are able to use them in your sentences as well.
  9. Visit any Russian store or restaurant in your locality and try to strike a conversation with the vendors. This will help you a lot to boost your confidence. Don’t’ worry about the mistakes that you can probably make being  a learner. Just make sure that you do not use any complex word that can disrupt your conversation.  Practice simple sentences initially.
  10. You can also log in to various messenger service  sites such as Skype, Yahoo messenger etc and look for natives who are also learning Russian. You can seek their help and consult them for more useful books that you can refer, other than english to russian translation for more detailed study of the language.

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