Most Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

job interview mistakes

This is a guest post by Damian on common mistakes at a job interview. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

It is not uncommon to see candidates faltering at interviews, not because they were ineligible for the roles but because they did one of these common mistakes that interview candidates do.

Do not know about the company

You could start your research by visiting the website of the company and taking knowledge of press releases and general information about it. If you know in advance that you will pass the interview, do some research also on the experience of this person.

In addition, through social media like LinkedIn, it is easy to access information about the company, as the turnover rate, for example. There is therefore no excuse to attend an interview without previously obtaining a minimum of information about the company.

Having an inappropriate dress

A formal dress is more appropriate for an interview at a large company. For men, this means solid colors, a full in a hurry, tie and polished shoes. For women, a dress or a classic dark suit with jewelry are discrete implementations.

However, if you are applying for employment with a nonprofit organization or a company that focuses on creativity, a complete or a tailor might seem inappropriate and you would think that you do not understand the culture of company. In this case, adopt a rather neat casual dress, relying more on the side “neat” than “sport”. Whatever the situation, it is better to dress too dressed than not enough.

Criticizing your former boss

Do you remember when your mother said “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing”? The same principle applies when you inevitably ask about your last employer. Small world, and who knows, the person who passed the interview may be a good friend of the boss that you just criticize.

A bad attitude or sarcastic remarks will not make you enjoy your future employers.

The same principle applies to your conduct on social media. HR departments often consult Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get a feel for potential employees, it would be wise of you to avoid making disparaging remarks about the company you work for now, your boss or of your colleagues.

And while you’re at it, eliminate from your social media pages on any photograph unprofessional and potentially embarrassing. What happened in Vegas should stay in Las Vegas and do not end up on your Facebook wall.

Do not ask the right questions

Consider the interview as if it were a conversation in formal after which both sides hope to achieve the same result, namely that you are considered the best candidate for the station. That said, good communication is important and if you do not ask questions, you could spend your eyes vis-à-vis as someone who is not prepared or interested. What is important is to ask good questions and describe your achievements with flying colors.

Employers are looking for enthusiastic people who can not only respond intelligently to questions asked during an interview, but also ask themselves relevant questions. Find someone – a friend, family member, a career coach or counselor job search – you will spend fictional interviews to practice your communication skills. This will help you develop relevant questions about company and position you are applying.

Too early to learn about salary and benefits

The job interview is your opportunity to shine and not to negotiate. Ask questions early in the interview about the compensation can give potential employers the impression that you care about more money than your role in the organization. The appropriate time to inform you of the salary and benefits package is when you are confident that the employer considers you a good candidate for the position and is about to make you an offer.

When that time comes, however, make sure you understand what your benefits will be. Will there a probationary period during which you will not receive benefits, such as guaranteed medical and dental expenses? If this is the case, find out if there is a way to extend the coverage you get with your current employer until your new benefits take effect. The benefits program is it comprehensive enough to meet your needs and those of your family? Otherwise, do a search and make sure that your new salary will allow you to provide additional protection.

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