Promote Yourself as Your Brand

Brand Building

This is a guest post by Maya Case. Check out the guidelines for guest posting at out write-for-us page.

There is a lot of planning that goes into promoting yourself and your brand – and it all comes down to the details! From all the details involved, publicity is a crucial element that can “make it or break it”. The art of public relations requires a variety of skills, such as being organized, savvy, timely, and committed. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that you can follow to make the most out of your PR.

Contact a PR professional to help get your message across. Be sure to sit down and discuss all the facts about your product or service. The goal is to make sure that your PR professional understands how your offerings can benefit the public. This is key for optimally promoting your brand, whether you are doing so through promotional products, events, or advertising efforts.

For successful promotion, you need to relay a consistent message to your target market. So, once you have established your message, make sure that your PR person follows this strategy while pursuing different promotional avenues and opportunities. Also, in addition to the regular advertising and marketing methods, don’t be afraid to host an event to promote your message, your brand, and yourself! This is the perfect way to promote yourself as your brand.

Get people to mark your event in their schedules and on their calendars. Make use of social media sites, magazines, newspapers, and blogs to spread the word. If you have enough in your budget, send out flyers and postcards to reach the masses. Call a local, popular radio station to let them know as well so the event can be advertised on-air. Send out invitations to everyone you know. You can make use of all these communication channels to let people know and build excitement for your event. Don’t go into too much detail about what everyone should expect at the event. Keep it simple; you can mention things regarding entertainment, menu, purpose, lecturers and/or speakers, awards, an announcement, etc.

Make sure you get the word out in targeted areas where you will most likely have potential attendees. If you have several months before your big event, contact magazines and see if you can have them post your event details in their calendar sections. If the event is a benefit, try to get the magazines to do short articles and an interview. Ask them to put this in their magazines so that the readership can find out and read about your event.

Before the big day, be sure to select a promotional product to give away to each person who attends. Providing these kinds of gifts is an excellent way to create a positive lasting impression. Products that are centered around your business serve as a reminder of what you are offering, and will also make for enhanced conversation among the individuals receiving them. Positive talk and word of mouth is great for attracting new business.

After your event, don’t be too modest to brag about it and yourself! Gather photos and create a press release – you want everyone to know about the special highlights and great moments of the occasion. Again, distribute the release to a variety of sources – newspapers, blogs, social media sites, magazines, and of course your own company website. Take advantage of all the publicity outlets; use as many as possible (depending on your budget and time of course). You can even take video recordings and broadcast them over the web, make videos, etc. Do everything you can to make your product be seen and noticed by all. Within a short time, new customers will be pouring in from every corner. Remember, the more ways you promote, the better!