USA Visa Procedure For Non US Citizens

USA Visa

USA Visa

America is the country which is the choice of every person from the world to get settled in. At the same time, people who feel like immigrating to USA through different means have to apply for a USA visa.

Visa applying is extremely important for the person who wants to get settled in the US. The Government of US is exceedingly strict in following the rules. Immigration can be done according to the requirement of the person and depending upon the requirement type, a visa is defined for the person. This article carries the information regarding the fiancee visa. The first rule to applying for this USA visa is that it has to be done by the citizen of US.

K1 visa belongs to the same category. This visa also has to be applied by the citizen of USA. Both type of visas takes the same time for processing. Major difference between the two is that, in the former one, one has to get married after landing in the US and in the later, the couple has to get married out side the US and then after the grant of this USA visa the other partner can move to US.

Both the procedure consume time identically and the same amount of fees is charged in both cases. Acquiring the fiancé visa is the best in the case if marriage is to be delayed in any case and the US citizen want to together with the spouse.

Grant of a USA Visa is a particularly perilous process and involves a number of risks which if encountered can delay the process of the grant of the visa.

Becoming a citizen of the US is not an easy task. Every step has to be taken particularly carefully as one single step can ruin all the efforts made by you. To get a USA Visa issued in the shortest possible time, it is advisable that you take the help of visa service providers.

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