Tips for Maintaining a Positive State of Mind for Professional Success

positive thinking

positive thinkingWhen we think about aspects of health and wellness, the first things to come to mind are typically exercising and eating right. Our minds almost immediately go to states of physical health and wellness. While physical health is absolutely essential, mental health and wellness are also important aspects of being a healthy individual. Just as our physical wellness plays a large role in aspects of our everyday lives (our job, our family, our happiness), so too does mental wellness.

Maintaining a healthy and happy mental state is essential to fulfilling your full potential in every area of life. When it comes to your career and daily professional life, a positive state of mind can be your biggest asset. The right mindset can make all the difference in how successful your work is and how happy you are doing it. Consider these tips for maintaining a positive state of mind and becoming a healthier and happier individual.

Think about Actions

When we’re stuck in a negative state of mind we often go through all the things we haven’t done in our heads. We’ve all done this—driving home from work at 5 and going through all the things we wanted to accomplish that day, but didn’t. This is commonplace for a negative worrier. We often focus on the things that didn’t get finished or are yet to be completed. However, this can be a very detrimental tendency for both our state of mind and our actual productivity. Rather than focusing on the things you didn’t do or accomplish, look at the things you did accomplish. Think about actions, not inactions.

By exploring the things that you did finish, you will find a stronger sense of accomplishment and a more motivation for the next day. Change your point of view. There are always going to be tasks and projects that need to be done. By focusing on the things you did finish you can better evaluate how to do those things better or more efficiently.

Focus on the Now

In many ways, this goes along the same line as thinking about actions rather than inactions. Try to focus on what you are doing right now. Rather than thinking over and over about what you need to do, think about what you are doing. Yes, of course it is important to think ahead and devise a plan, but only thinking ahead and not acting right now will get you nowhere. When you look too far into the future for any task or project, things are bound to look close to impossible and, at the very least, overwhelming. Condense your vantage point. Think about what you can accomplish in the next hour. Take one step at a time. In many ways, focusing on the now leads to thinking about actions rather than inactions.

By considering the present and what you are doing now, you will put yourself in a more positive state of mind. Think about the elements of your condition that you can control now and do what you can to make those things positive. If you’re stressed out about a project at work, set your sights on accomplishing one small step now and don’t think about the rest until you get there.

Devise a Plan

Okay, this may sound contradictory of my last two points, but it’s really not. Devising a plan is essential to actually being able to focus on the now and think about action. Part of maintaining a positive state of mind with all the challenges of the working world is understanding how you are going to overcome those challenges. Devising a plan and sketching out a general agenda helps you to focus your attention in the right areas at the right times. Bye creating a clear but flexible plan you will feel more comfortable focusing on one thing at a time. One of the easiest ways to fall into a negative thought pattern is by becoming overwhelmed by something. Take the time to look through an entire project and sketch out a plan for it, in order to ease the stress.

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