The Impact of using Social Networking Sites at Workplace

Social Networking…Does that term sound familiar? No question of an unfamiliarity, right?

If you are still not aware of what a social networking site is, then let me tell you that everything starting from Facebook, LinkedIn to Twitter can be called a social networking site. These are basically sites that help you network with other people and build a network.

How often have you been using a social networking site at your workplace?

Social Networking sites have become a menace to any workplace. But if you are an employee, I am sure that this statement would have created a frown on your face. My intention is not to do that, rather it is just to initiate a discussion around the topic.

Is Social Networking impacting work?

Social Networking is no more just a medium of interacting with your friends or, family members. It has gone far beyond that. Take for instance, LinkedIn. It has become a medium of connecting with people professionally. Over the past year or, so I have been able to connect to quite a few HR personnel and Talent Acquisition team members and I have received a few private message from some of these connections for job openings that they were responsible for filling up.

LinkedIn has a lot of features that help recruitment personnel make decisions. Because of the fact that this is a professional social networking website, people are more inclined to showing off their professional qualification and experience. Add to this the fact that there are a lot of people who vet the profiles and recommend them on the basis of their previous experiences. All of this gives the option of carefully scrutinizing these profiles before recruiters approach the prospective candidates.

But, does this license such social networking websites to be used at workplaces?

Social networking websites are not usually included in the list of prohibited websites in most organizations, which gives me an impression that such organizations do not have a problem with their employees accessing such websites. Whatever the approach of the organizations, the impact of using such websites on the routine work at job, is huge and undeniable.

It has been observed that employees spent a lot of time, at the cost of their work on networking. This not only impacts productivity to a great extent but also impacts the service that an employee provides in the course of his work at office. Efficiency and quality of work is all impacted.

Facebook and such other websites have a lot of positives and is a way of life these days. But should it be done at the cost of work? My opinion might be different from that of yours. Whatever your opinion is, it is always welcome. Let them come in the form of comments to this post.

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  1. says

    I think this post is brilliant. Nice write-up! you bring up an interesting topic. We live in a world where technology has changed the way people communicate, the way they are informed and how they do business. Traditional social networks have expanded from a few dozen acquaintances to hundreds of friends, friends of friends, connections and followers. We live in a world where people would rather communicate by sending a text message from their mobile phone, post comments on their favorite online network or send a short Tweet to inform all their friends that they have just got out of bed or they are out to dinner. The growth of social networking platforms has been phenomenal. Millions of people around the world with access to the Internet are members of one or more social networks. They have a permanent online presence where they create profiles, share photos, share their thoughts with friends and spend hours catching up with what their hundreds of friends are doing with their lives.


  2. says

    employers should not allow their employees to have access on facebook and other social networking sites during office hours…it will surely affect work productivity

  3. says

    Given the popularity of social networking, maybe the approach should more specifically be; how much time spent on non work related electronic communications is acceptable (this can include Google, eBay and so on). Most companies have policies around the use of computers for personal use, but do companies really have the control they think they do? Is a complete ban on social networking the answer? an employer cannot ignore social networking but rather needs to ensure that it is a not a drain on their business. The best approach is to accept it and manage it.

  4. says

    Hey, great site…like your style of writting and also the layout … will be back to read more for sure…Thanks

  5. says

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  6. says

    i have a diffrence in view.. social media is not at all related to decreasing productivity. if that would have been the case companies like cognizant etc shall not invest in business social software like C2.wipro has also invested in a similar project.


  7. Dilip says

    Thanks for commenting. You are absolutely right. Not all social media activities are decreasing productivity. The softwares that these organizations procure are for internal social media. These softwares do not give you a medium like a facebook or, twitter. The activities of on these are more related to the organization than personal.

  8. ava says

    I think this website is very useful to me. Nice write-up! you bring up an interesting topic. We live in a world where technology has changed the way people communicate, the way they are informed and how they do business.
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