Satyam BPO recruiting

Finally there is something for the employees of Satyam BPO to rejoice about. Satyam BPO (formerly Nipuna) is recruiting people for its latest business.

As per the latest news, Satyam BPO has finally closed a deal that was in the pipeline for some time and consequently required about 5- additional heads. Hence they have started recruiting for this business that they have just bagged.

“We are recruiting as per requirement for a particular new business which we have bagged recently,” confirmed Manjula Manjotra, head of Global Marketing and Communications (GM&C), Satyam BPO Limited.

“According to the requirements of a client, who has given a new business order, a batch of freshers have been recruited by the company. The brand Satyam perhaps still sells. None of our clients have backed out,” a senior employee of Satyam BPO said.

In the midst of the crisis that Satyam was going through, the employees were staring an uncertain future. In one of my previous blog, I had mentioned that the employees of Satyam BPO should remain calm untill the tide is over. Now that Satyam BPO is recruiting, they should be fine and should look forward to their career growth.

There are also talks of the BPO arm of Satyam being up for sale and reportedly, Essar Group’s outsourcing firm Aegis BPO is on the verge of approaching Satyam Computers for a possible buyout of its BPO operations. If this happens, then employees of the company would have more reasons to rejoice.

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