Going for the CAPM Certification for Your Career

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management and the certification is generally for people pursuing a career in project management or, wanting to assist and improve the general success of a project as a team member in their area of expertise. The CAPM certification is an entry level certification that aspiring project managers are encouraged to begin with.

With this credential, employers and interviewers can be confident that you can efficiently carry out the jobs entrusted to you.

It also states that you are serious and dedicated about your work because obtaining a credential requires dedication and discipline.

When applying for a job, many employers will give preference to candidates with PMI certifications over a candidate who does not have any such certification. They have an idea of what to expect from a credential holder as opposed to someone else with the same amount of experience with no credential. A credential will present your resume with an edge and allow more possibilities to hone your skills and foster enough experience to eventually become a PMP.

To be eligible for the CAPM, you must fulfill certain requirements. You must have a bare minimum of a high school diploma or, global equivalent and acquired 1,500 documented hours of work on a project team, or enroll in 23 hours of project management courses. These requirements have to be completed at the time of application. You must then pass the three hours, 150 questions exam that’s based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide.

It is highly recommended that you prepare yourself for the exam by taking a training course. If possible, you should take courses that add to college credits or, PDUs (These are Professional Development Units that you will need to maintain your PMP credential). Courses can be very intensive and lasts about 16 to 40 hours. For best results, the exam should be taken right after the course so that information is still retained in the memory.

One should not underestimate the value of a CAPM certification. The benefits of education, experience, and opportunity it imparts to a person serious about professional advancement, commands respect and can not be overlooked. Aspiring project managers are encouraged to obtain this entry level certificate to launch their journey of becoming a project management professional.

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