To be or, not to be. The Job Change Confusion!


One of my team members came to me a couple of days back with a query. He wanted a suggestion from me. His sister was working in a company who was reeling under the economic crisis and was going through a cost-cutting spree. There were cost reduction initiatives everywhere. Incentives that were offered earlier were no more being given. Salary … [Read more...]

BPO – Equal chance to excel

There was an article published in the front page of the Wednesday job supplement ,"The Ascent" in the "Times of India", dated 19th March 2008. It spoke about the opportunities that the BPO sector had to offer people with disabilities. There were mention of a few leading BPO organizations which were quoted as examples and the names of a few … [Read more...]

BPOs and its Cabbies

As I was driving back to my home from work I saw a BPO cab fly past me, at a speed I could not even guess.I had to use the term "fly" because that is the only appropriate term for the way it was being driven. After a couple of accidents over the past few days involving these call center cabs, there was a huge furore amongst the law-makers and they … [Read more...]

Youngster opinion

A leading daily wrote that "youngsters are turning away from BPO jobs because they have finally realised that the stress and abuse in a BPO is not worth the money they are paid". There were also a few excerpts from comments made by a couple of college going students.There was something similar about what all of them said. They had a comment to make … [Read more...]

The Paradigm shift

It is now more than 7 years that I have spent in the BPO industry. I come across various types of employees everyday, a few who are here only to earn some extra money so that they can pay off their mobile bills, yet others are here just because they have a dream bike that they want to buy, or probably a dream car. There are very less who are here … [Read more...]