Energy conservation begins from Office

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation begins at home! Not really. Rather, it begins at office. There are quite a few who would agree with me and a lot who would disagree. But the fact of the matter remains that out of my productive 16 hours of life, I spend 8 hours in the office, 2-3 hours travelling, 1 hour in parties and other social gatherings. So that means that … [Read more...]

The Impact of using Social Networking Sites at Workplace

Social networking

Social Networking...Does that term sound familiar? No question of an unfamiliarity, right? If you are still not aware of what a social networking site is, then let me tell you that everything starting from Facebook, LinkedIn to Twitter can be called a social networking site. These are basically sites that help you network with other people and … [Read more...]

The Tobacco-free Revolution

The BPO and Call center culture has brought about quite a lot of changes – some positive and some negative. Though critics and well-wishers are right in saying that there the changes are more of negative, especially in India, there would be no denying the fact that there a lot of changes that are positive as well. One such welcome change was the … [Read more...]