Anger – It can help boost your career

Anger Management

If you are wondering how anger can boost your career, then you are at the right place. Read on to know how. Negative emotions such as fear and anger are inborn and are of tremendous importance. Negative emotions are often crucial for survival: careful experiments such as ours have documented that negative emotions narrow and focus attention so we … [Read more...]

Aggression – Its Importance in your career

Is aggression good for your career? Many a times I have seen people in the top management being a bit too much aggressive. I have also come across quite a few employees in the lower management levels also who have exhibited excessive aggression. How good is aggression and what level of management does it benefit? It is good to be aggressive, … [Read more...]

Success as a Team

How can you enhance performance within a team? Businesses in BPOs and Call-centers are more of team-work and less of individual efforts. So when it comes to the success of the business, the focus is more on TEAM BUILDING. Why is team-building important? It is said that TEAM means “Together Everyone Achieves More”. The most important word in this … [Read more...]

Non-Verbal communication – the handshake

In this part of the interviewing tips series, we are going to touch upon the most important part in any interview. This aspect is what plays a major role in deciding your fate in an interview. This aspect is the “Non-verbal Communication” in an interview. Many a times we ignore this part and focus so much on the other aspects of an interview … [Read more...]

I Cannot Sell!!


I have come across many people who would run for their life when they get to know that they have to sell something in a job. There are numerous others who come to me asking for tips to make money and when I say that they will have to sell something, they raise their hands and say, "I cannot sell". This is where a conversation becomes interesting. … [Read more...]