The intelligent employee

Most of the BPO employees, I have come across have very little knowledge about the industry in which they are working. Yet there are many who assume that they know everything and that they are the best analysts when it comes to predicting growth. One of my friends younger brother was very upset because he […]

Relieving Stress from the BPO job

Relieving Stress

Working with a BPO is stressful? The pressure and work load in these call centers are indeed stressful and relieving it is necessary to maintain a work-life balance. I am a very serious beliver in this and have always been recommending holidays and outings to my team members so that they can relax and spend […]

First day at office

It was 5 months without a job. To survive, especially in a city like that of Delhi, was a challenge. But I had to, just because I had no option. Interviews and rejections were now normal. So I now wanted the abnormal to happen-to get selected.A day came; there was nothing special about it. But […]