The intelligent employee

Most of the BPO employees, I have come across have very little knowledge about the industry in which they are working. Yet there are many who assume that they know everything and that they are the best analysts when it comes to predicting growth.

One of my friends younger brother was very upset because he couldn’t find a job. He was a graduate in commerce and had been hunting for a job for quite some time. He was working in a BPO and had quit the job some time back. As we sat over a cup of coffee, he started discussing about the difficulty in finding a job. I stopped him when I heard him say, "There are no jobs in the market because of the fall in dollar value".

I asked, "what does that mean"? He looked at me and said,"The profit margins have decreased so there are less jobs in the market". I asked him, "If that is so, why did you quit your job"? The reply surprised me. He said, "Brother, the BPO industry is the worst hit because of this recession. I knew that this industry is about to die. So I thought I would look for something in my field of education".

There are many more such youngsters who speak like this guy. There are many others who take such drastic steps like this guy. But is it the right step? We need to understand that is there is recession and is there is a fall in dollar value, it is equally applicable for other industries. These terms sound good to your ears but carry much more that what you hear. The economy of every country go though such turbulent periods but the governments take such steps as are necessary to control it and in some time the economy manages to tide over it. Such a turbulent period doesn’t mean that we throw away everything and start looking for greener pastures. You will find no green grass and would be late to realize that you have thrown away the little that you had.

The BPO industry is not a writing on a slate with a chalk, that it will be erased by a wipe of your hand. The reports prove that its is here to stay. Just wait for the right opportunities to knock your door and when it does, grab it with both your hands.