How to prepare for that upcoming job interview


So you have a job interview lined up. Good for you! Believe it or not, actually getting a job interview is probably one of the hardest parts of the employment process. If an employer is willing to interview, that means that they must have liked what they saw in your resume or your cover letter. They want to get a chance to know you face to face. … [Read more...]

Tell me something about yourself

What is the first question that you get to hear from an interviewer? “Tell me something about yourself”. Most of the interviewers start with this question and most of the interviewees take it the wrong way and respond to it. A poor first impression!! Why is this question the favorite of these interviewers? What is the response that they … [Read more...]

Non-Verbal communication – the handshake

In this part of the interviewing tips series, we are going to touch upon the most important part in any interview. This aspect is what plays a major role in deciding your fate in an interview. This aspect is the “Non-verbal Communication” in an interview. Many a times we ignore this part and focus so much on the other aspects of an interview … [Read more...]

I Cannot Sell!!


I have come across many people who would run for their life when they get to know that they have to sell something in a job. There are numerous others who come to me asking for tips to make money and when I say that they will have to sell something, they raise their hands and say, "I cannot sell". This is where a conversation becomes interesting. … [Read more...]

BPO Interview tips – the written test

What is a written test? Ask this question and there would be a hundred different response to it. More often than not, a written test at any interview is one or, the other form of a Psychometric test.Now what is a Psychometric test?The term 'psychometric' comes from two Greek words and, literally translated, means 'measurement of the mind'. The term … [Read more...]