List Of Careers Associated With Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical EngineeringEngineering is considered to be one of the widely chosen career option among fresh school graduates.  Engineering offers vast career options as it is the only field which is categorized into various specializations such as mechanical, electrical, computer and so on. In this article we will specifically talk about various career opportunities associated with Mechanical Engineering.

Since we all know that Mechanical engineering is specifically concerned with design, development and maintenance, it provides career opportunities in various industry and sectors associated with constructions, development, manufacturing, designing and assembling. There are wide range of career opportunities available in government agencies, private as well as public architectural firms, scientific research foundation etc. As per the survey conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering jobs are among most highly payable jobs in the world. Let’s explore some career associated with mechanical engineering in detail.

List Of Careers Options For Mechanical Engineers:

Scientific Research: Mechanical engineers are hired by almost every kind of manufacturing industry, that includes military, oil and petroleum, automobile, arms and ammunitions, electronics and so on. Engineers in these industries are required to conduct research on the efficiency and safety of the planned products. They are also required to discover potential problems in the products and provide resolutions accordingly, even before the manufacturing begins. Nowadays, many mechanical engineers are also being hired for research projects in medical industry as well.

Automotive Designs: In the automobile industry mechanical engineers are required to research, plan and create vehicles. Major automobile companies like Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Maruti Suzuki, General Motors etc. have started employing mechanical engineers to perform various functions such as research, designing, manufacturing and providing safety testing.

Mechanical engineers are required to work on the efficiency, performance and safety of the new launches. In order to make effective designs, engineers in automobile industry require to communicate with clients, customers, lawyers, clients, and many more people to ensure that every aspect of manufacturing in working properly and in an efficient manner. In such cases, mechanical engineers must keep themselves updated on recent technological developments as soon as they emerge in the market.

Manufacturing Units: Companies that are involved in manufacturing the products, require the acquired skills of experienced mechanical engineers at each level of the product manufacturing process. These engineers are required to perform all the functions, beginning from the invention to safety testing. Mechanical engineers works towards acquiring smooth operating processes at the production site.

Those engineers who are inclined towards working for the betterment of environment usually find can find job opportunities companies that manufacture solar panel, turbines etc. Some of the engineers can also be seen working for influential infrastructure sectors like airplanes, construction, railways and so on. Other mechanical engineering jobs include placements in companies associated with the manufacturing of printing presses, trucks, tempos, plumbing items, water logging equipment, mining tools and equipments etc. This is because mechanical engineering is basically related to machines and every sector and industry, ranging from a simple construction firm to an airplane manufacturing company, use of high end machines to accomplish their projects and tasks.

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