Resume Tips for an Attention Grabbing Resume

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With unemployment on the rise, managers and employers are inundated with a mass of resume for each job opening they have. To secure the position of your choice, it is imperative to create a resume that catches the eye of your potential employer. By following a few simple resume tips, you can create an easy to read resume that boasts of your education, skills, and experience.

Resume Tips

It is often seen that people stuff a lot of unnecessary information into their resume which makes it look too boring. If your resume is not able to catch the attention of the person screening these, it is unlikely that you will be called for an interview.

These simple resume tips will help you create an attention grabbing resume.


This is one of the most important resume tips. Always start your resume with an objective – by doing so, you are telling the employer you have direction and are clear about your goals. This simple but clear objective can land you an interview; however, if your objective is ambiguous, it can hurt your chances for an interview. Carefully craft your objective to match the opening you are applying for as well as your goal for the job.

Presenting Work Experiences

As you organize your work experiences, internships, and skill sets, be sure to only include those that are pertinent to the job for which you are applying. Including additional items will only distract the employer. Keep your resume clear and concise. All resumes, with a few exceptions, should be kept to one page in length.


As you list your accomplishment at your previous jobs, do so using strong verbs. Strong verbs give power to your statements. Be sure to tell the employer how you saved or, made money at your last job, if applicable. Action verbs as well as your ability to manage funds efficiently will sound impressive to a prospective employer.

Preparing to send your Resume

If you are applying for multiple jobs, e-mail is an efficient way to get your resume into the hands of many prospective employers. You will want to keep a few things in mind as you prepare your resume for e-mail. Print out a hard copy of your resume. What may look great on the computer screen may not print as well. Make sure spacing and headings print appropriately. You should follow up every e-mail with a snail-mail version of your resume.

Should you include a cover letter?

Another way to grab the attention of a future employer is to include a cover letter with your resume. The purpose of a cover letter is to offer a glimpse of your writing ability, your ability to communicate and possibly a more detailed account of an accomplishment. Take your time with your cover letter, as this will be the preview to your equally important resume.

As you begin the resume writing process, take some time to look at sample resumes online. A sample resume from your field can help you narrow your skills and accomplishments into an easy to read resume that will catch the eye of a future employer. It could also help you generate new ideas to better describe yourself on your resume.

Let us know your comments on how these resume tips helped you improve the resume.

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