Energy conservation begins from Office

Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation begins at home! Not really. Rather, it begins at office. There are quite a few who would agree with me and a lot who would disagree. But the fact of the matter remains that out of my productive 16 hours of life, I spend 8 hours in the office, 2-3 hours travelling, 1 hour in parties and other social gatherings. So that means that I am at home for only 4 hours everyday.

With the advent of millennium offices, the opportunity to conserve energy has increased manifold and it becomes even more obvious that energy conservation begins from office.

A few days back I had to stay back at office and work late due to some urgent assignment. As I packed up to leave and stood up from my workstation, I am amazed at the sight I saw. Some sensible facilities person had the courtesy to switch off all the lights on the floor. As I stood there at one end and gazed to the other end of the floor, I saw a spread of blue light across the floor giving it a look as if the entire floor had a light blue carpet spread across. This effect was being triggered by the almost 900 odd computers that were left working by the employees who were using it.

Was this beautiful sight worth it? Can the cost incurred justify the beauty of the sight?

It can never.

Indeed energy conservation begins at office. Almost all the facilities and admin teams in every organization has a policy around energy conservation. They have a policy around switching off all the lights if they are not in use. They advice on shutting down the computers if it is not required. But how many of us comply?

As responsible citizens of our country and responsible employees of the organization that we work in, we are responsible for every unit of electricity consumed. Saving on electricity costs has a direct impact on the variable costs incurred by the organization and this in turn, on the operating expenses. If the operating expenses of the organization is lesser, this will turn into better profits and better profits means better compensation for its employees. That makes it all the more important for the employees to conserve energy.