The Tech Mahindra takeover of Satyam

tech-mahindra-satyamFinally there is some respite for the employees of Satyam. They were hanging in imbalance till about a few weeks back. All of a sudden TechMahindra came in and won a bid for their takeover and breathed fresh and new life into the otherwise dying organization.

What had happened to Satyam? Was it so weak that it would disintegrate, just because one Mr.Raju decided that he had made enough fool of everybody. Satyam is not that weak an organization. When Mr. Raju set up Satyam he gave it a meaningful name, but he couldn’t live upto it. Still he had built a huge organization on the foundation of truth which is why it was able to acquire huge businesses from huge clients. Satyam had a large clientele of over 500 clients -some of them as large as GE, Cisco, Citi and General Motors. This is enough proof that they are indeed a strong organization.

Add to this the strength of TechMahindra and the combined entity had catapulted to the 4th position in the IT firms list just behind HCL technologies. Under the leadership of a visionary like that of Mr. Anand Mahindra, I am sure that the TechMahindra-Satyam combine will do wonders.

All the best to all the employees of the TechMahindra-Satyam team.