Empowering the frontline

‘Specialization’ is the term of the day. And with specialization comes ‘perfection’ which is what certain jobs demand.

There used to be a time when an employee in a BPO joined a company with the sole aim of growing up the ladder as early as possible, so that he could get off the "Calling job", which he termed as monotonous and repetitive with no excitement. But as the industry matured, the options to grow vertically to a management position reduced and the responsibilities that came along with these management positions increased. Increased responsibilities meant additional burden, more stress and so on. Suddenly the odd new employee in a BPO realized that what he wanted is money and not position that demanded extra work, more burden and a life full of stress. He chose to be at the same position and did not want to opt for growth. But staying at the same position did not get him that extra money that was looking for and he started jumping jobs for an extra Rs. 1500. In doing what he lost was his continuity and his specialization.

With the industry, maturing companies too, have now realized that there would only be able to provide the best services if they are able to retain people and utilize their specialization. Employees who were in a certain role for some time knew the policies and processes in and out and were much better equipped to handle customers, thus generating better customer satisfaction. This is when they decided that they would empower their frontlines and give them additional benefits for staying in the current role. They also decided that they would not stop the growth of this employee in this process, rather would treat them as special – special employees of the organization.

This solved the needs of that employee wanting to stay in the current role and the organization who wanted to retain a specialized and exprienced employee.

With services like customer care, technical support, back end processing etc. requiring specialized hands, companies are now come up with this idea of rewarding employees who are in the core role in a BPO and wants to be in the same role, but at the same time are looking for better and increased salaries and a change in grades. These companies are paying such employees much more than what a management level employee at the same grade would get and in addition to this are giving them extra benefits.

So now, you have more reason to join a BPO. Grow with your favorite company and earn more while doing what you have always wanted to do.