Further education programs

It was about 4 years that I had been working with this BPO, when on a saturday evening I happened to run into this school time friend of mine who I had not met for years. As we sat down and talked over a cup of coffee, I was surprised to know that my friend was also working in a BPO and was doing his MBA from the Pepperdine University.

My friend was studying MBA in a premier business school at the Pepperdine University. As he discussed, how he was able to work and study at the same time while he was doing his “Fully employed MBA” program, I wondered at the opportunities available to a working executive.

BPOs give you excellent growth opportunities. But man-management requires specific skill sets which can only be gained from a well-designed management program. So it is imperative for young-managers to enrol for a good MBA program and improve their knowledge on man-management. Pepperdine university offers a uniquely designed Irvine MBA program.

The “Fully employed MBA” program is the most suitable for full-time working executives, out of all the Irvine MBA programs. The program is designed in such a way that students study on real-life scenarios, so that they can easily implement what they have learnt. For experienced managers and executives they have the “Executive MBA” programs. With a uniquely designed curriculum, that would help working-managers to enhance their skills on managing and motivating other, making strategic decisions and a lot of other very important aspects.

Their website gives a lot of information about the various courses that are being offered. You could chat with a preadmission representative to know more about the “Fully employed MBA” program that they offer.