BPOs and its Cabbies

As I was driving back to my home from work I saw a BPO cab fly past me, at a speed I could not even guess.I had to use the term “fly” because that is the only appropriate term for the way it was being driven.

After a couple of accidents over the past few days involving these call center cabs, there was a huge furore amongst the law-makers and they decided that they will tame this animal.There were new traffic rules formulated and call centers cabs and transport departments were advised to employ speed governors in these cabs and that cabs were to ply at not more than 40 KM/hr. But obviously none of these seem to be implemented, looking at the way things are as on date.

I would rather suggest that nothing of the above is required but a bit of initiative from the employees travelling in these cabs. I have often found that the employees sitting in these cabs encourage the drivers to drive fast. Only if they were concious about their own lives they would have ensured that the cabs were driven in limits and this problem would have been taken care off. We often tend to ignore the act that the cab is being driven above permissible speed limits and enjoy the thrill. But what we forget is that in doing this we are not just risking our own lives but lives of numerous others as well.

Lets understand our responsibility toward the society, our family and to ourselves and behave responsibly. Lets take an initiative towards ending this menace.