Gearing up for the BPO job

Preparing to join a BPO does not begin by browsing through the pages in a job supplement you get along with your daily newspaper. Rather it starts long before that when your mind starts to play with the idea of joining a BPO or, a callcenter. You need to first make yourself understand that the next few years are going to be tough because you are going to get into a high paying job which would in turn demand hard work from you. The next few years you would be working night shifts at times and would be sleeping during your days. You are going to encounter a total change of metabolism because of which your stomach will give up at times and at times you would not be able to sleep during nights, especially during your weekends. You would find less time to interact with your friends for the first few days because it would be difficult for you to adjust. Your social life would be confined to the weekends.

Does all this horrify you? It will, anyone for that matter. But it is easier than it sounds. Is a BPO job worth all this sacrifice.The answer is; ‘yes’. It is worth it.

Slowly things would get normal for you. You would feel that this is normal and the others are abnormal. That is the truth. Working during nights is a change of body cycle for us because we are not used to it. But there are thousands of people around the world who work shifts and that is a part of their life.

Once you have developed the positive attitude in you, then starts the real preparation – understanding what are the pre-requisites for this job.