Why hiring a Social Media Marketing Firm Could be the Best Option for Your Business?

social media marketing

I was walking towards my workstation in a normal work day. As I passed through other workstations, a glance at most of them showed one thing in common. Every one of the computers there had one or, the other social media site open on it. While Facebook was the prominent one, a lot many others […]

A Job Hopper or, a Job Keeper – Why Should You Love Yourself and not Your Company?

job hopping

Long back when I had just started working for a BPO, I was sent a forwarded email from one of my friend who had quit the company and moved onto a better paying company. (Note the 2 things in this sentence – First, he had joined on the same date as me and Second, what […]

10 Simple Ways to Get Organized without Getting Frustrated

how to get organized

Organized? I still remember the day when I was in College. My room used to be one garbage hole, not because it was filled with garbage but because even the most useful of things in there looked like garbage. Clothes would be everywhere, books spread around on the floor, waste papers hardly finding the bin […]

Mastering the Art of remaining Silent because Silence is Golden!

Silence is golden

Picture this. An interesting group with some subordinates, a couple of executives and leaders, an interesting discussion on cars, speeds, torques, power etc. and suddenly one from the group who had been quite all through out speaks out – “The Torque of the all Honda cars are amazing. The moment you push the brake, the […]