It’s Trying Times. Keep up the Motivation


The one common statement that I get to hear too often from people is that, "the market is closed right now" and that there are not many options available around. While I was partially agreeing to this fact and felt the same, more often than not.. I also saw quite a lot of people switching jobs and for better positions and salaries. I was a … [Read more...]

Allied Health Services – A Career Option Less Explored

allied health services

For most kids, a career in medicine is to become a doctor or, a nurse. Some go for a career in alternative medicine, but that is where it ends. Anything other than these is either not known or, not preferred. It is an irony that while the health care industry comprises of only about 20-22% of doctors and nurses, the rest, which is the biggest part … [Read more...]

How to Keep a New Job from Freaking You Out!

new job frights

There is a common stereotype that starting a new job should be a joyous and exciting time, so you may be surprised when you find yourself feeling very anxious over the change. In reality, experts say that it’s normal to be anxious over a new job, a move or any other big life change. This is because people tend to like routine and take a while to … [Read more...]

I am Back after a Short Gap – Time Management and its Importance!

Time management

It's been quite some time that I wrote a post here at bpodiary. Blame it on the amount of work that I had taken upon myself, personal life and the urge to spend that extra time with my daughter or, on the sheer laziness and procrastination, it was a loss to me in many ways and I am sure in some ways to you as the reader. Just as I finished the … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Online Education

online education evolution

Online education has evolved in so many ways. It started out as a concept that lots of people were skeptical about. It has evolved, however, and become something that is now respected by most people. The online degrees have become more acceptable now that millions of students around the world are enrolling. There are also other online education … [Read more...]