Why should you Subscribe to BPO Diary?

BPO Diary is an attempt to provide information nuggets in career building, leadership skills and motivation. You will see articles that deviate the cliché and give you practical advice unlike the usual bookish ones.

I am sure you would also agree that we often get caught up with our daily routine so much that we miss reading even our favorite magazines. And it is the same with online journals as well.

But we can ensure that you do not miss out on any of the articles. Just subscribe to our blog and we will send you all the latest articles directly into your inbox so that you don’t miss any of them.

So when you subscribe to BPO Diary –

  • You will not loose out on any important information that is published here are BPO Diary.
  • You don’t have to periodically check for newer updates and information. It will be delivered straight into your inbox and you can either read it if it is relevant or, simply ‘delete’ it.
  • This will save a lot of time and effort for you.
  • You will get information about the new ebooks, most of which would be free-of-cost and other information products that will be of use to you.

How do I subscribe?

There are 2 main ways of subscribing to BPO Diary –

  1. RSS Feeds
  2. Email subscriptions

RSS Feeds –

Wondering what an RSS feed is? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, though there could many other explanations to it. The simple way to put it is RSS is a method of subscribing to blogs like BPO Diary and staying up to date without having to visit the website often.

You will find a similar ICON on websites that offer RSS. A similar ICON is present on the top-left hand side of BPO Diary.

In order to subscribe just click the icon and it will take you to your favorite RSS reader. Just select your favorite RSS reader from the list (I would recommend Google) and click on “Subscribe now”. That’s it. You are subscribed.

Email Subscriptions –

Another simpler way of subscribing to a blog is by subscribing through email. All you have to do is enter your email address and you are subscribed.

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