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Social Media and Jobs

Social Media and JobsBeing unemployed are never a good situation. Moreover getting a bad job is even a worse scenario. However in today’s world the best way to find job is through networking. Through social media one can easily find a right job or can at least connect with the right people who can assist in getting the job. One should not underestimate social media if he or she is looking for a new job.

Ways to get a Job using Social Media:

The following are some of the clever six tips that help in using social media for the employment purposes:

Joining Linkedln:

Out of hundreds of social media sites Linkedln stands out to be the most useful one. If one is hoping to increase job opportunities then one should join Linkedln. The main aim of the site is networking rather than building friendship as it allows one to connect with people. After creating a profile on Linkedln one can upload all the email contacts and can search for a company.

Job Search Apps:

It is estimated that 20 percent of job seekers use their smartphones in their search for a job. There are many job searching apps some of the good job seeking applications are like Career Bliss, Good Job, and Busy Bee. All the above mentioned apps are free of cost and they are organized in a very systematic way. The application features the company reviews, salary information and many contract opportunities.


One of the best ways to seek attention is to advertising oneself. One can advertise through Facebook Social Ads, Google AdWords, and Linkedln Ads. The advertisement should be very specific that could easily grab the attention of the recruiter.

Twitter and Facebook:

After creating a profile in Linkedln it is advisable to create account in Facebook and Twitter especially for job hunting purposes. Both of them help in connecting with people and in building relationship.

Smaller Social Media:

Creating accounts in Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter is not all one should also look for smaller social media sites such as having blogs. By creating one’s own blog and interacting with different people through blogging helps in building healthy relationships and thus increases the chances of making employment connections.


Paper Resumes have turned very old fashioned nowadays. More than 30 percent of companies favor resumes to be placed by profiles on business and social networking sites. It’s better to promote online rather than having a paper resume. These promotional tactics is very handy and it also helps in grabbing media attention.


It is being reported that more than 40 percent people are using Social Media for job purposes. Though Social Media is not an instant remedy to unemployment problem yet it opens a huge opportunities that should be taken advantage of. In today’s competitive world every opportunities should be explored and social media is one of the best available one. One should always change with the changing world. More and more companies are recruiting people via social media so it’s better to embrace it and manage online digital portfolio.

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