I am Back after a Short Gap – Time Management and its Importance!

Time management

It's been quite some time that I wrote a post here at bpodiary. Blame it on the amount of work that I had taken upon myself, personal life and the urge to spend that extra time with my daughter or, on the sheer laziness and procrastination, it was a loss to me in many ways and I am sure in some ways to you as the reader. Just as I finished the … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Online Education

online education evolution

Online education has evolved in so many ways. It started out as a concept that lots of people were skeptical about. It has evolved, however, and become something that is now respected by most people. The online degrees have become more acceptable now that millions of students around the world are enrolling. There are also other online education … [Read more...]

Professional Advancement at your Fingertips

professional degree

This is a guest post by Robert on obtaining degrees through Distance learning. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page. Six months into your first job and you are already finding it hard to survive the professional battleground. This certainly isn’t unusual in the global professional industry, though it might come … [Read more...]

Five Reasons why Continuing Your Education Can Help Your Career


This is a guest post by Danielle on the how education can help you career. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page. You have every right to want a break after your eight or nine-hour work day, especially when you add in the time you spend commuting. When you get home, maybe you take care of your family, get a … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Boss Bully You!

bully boss

This is a guest post by Maya on dealing with a bully boss. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page. An unfortunate yet common situation for employees (in all types of jobs and positions), is working under a bully boss. This is something that workers typically encounter at one point in their careers. Others, who have … [Read more...]