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Time management

I am Back after a Short Gap – Time Management and its Importance!

Time managementIt’s been quite some time that I wrote a post here at bpodiary. Blame it on the amount of work that I had taken upon myself, personal life and the urge to spend that extra time with my daughter or, on the sheer laziness and procrastination, it was a loss to me in many ways and I am sure in some ways to you as the reader.

Just as I finished the above paragraph, I for a few minutes felt like the other corporate mortals who blame inaction, on all or, some of the above. But the fact of the matter is that it is a serious lack of time management that leads to such situations. before we move onto a serious discussion on Time Management, a few things on what was going on in the past few months and a little about some of my gains and losses.

As a blogger, I lost a lot of things for BPODiary. This blog had a pagerank of 3 (read this article on pagerank if you are new to it) till about 7 months back and it has dropped 2 points and is at a PR of 1 today – Massive loss. You will realize this if you are active on the internet and in blogging.

I used to receive about 3-4 guest post requests from bloggers who were interested in contributing content to the wonderful blog. A lot of these were not replied to in time. Guest bloggers dropped off and stopped writing in to me. The result was a loss of valuable and interesting content that you all would have enjoyed otherwise.

This blog was paying me. I was getting about $260.00 in revenue from advertisements from the blog which dropped to almost a ZERO in the last 5 months. A Considerable loss in income.

Time Management and The Need for it

The discussion in the above 3 paragraphs would have given you a fair idea of what a bit of time management could have done for me and this blog. The loss was huge both in monetary terms and other intangible benefits.

This is precisely what time management can do for you. Prioritizing critical activities and managing them within schedules will help you achieve a lot more in both your professional as well as personal lives. At the same time it will also help you build credibility because you will be seen as the guy who has the ability to do more in less time.

If you wish to have that edge over your colleague, then one of the important attributes you should have. Workplace is extremely competitive these days and it is this edge that will help you when it comes to career progression and better relationship.

Time Management – The How

A detailed discussion on how to go about an effective time management plan can be a different post. But in here, let me put a few simple steps to an effective time management.

A few things that you need to bear in mind are as follows -

  • Take a sheet of paper and write down you activities. Then rank them in order of priority. Once you have put the priority against each of the activities, re-arrange them in the order of priorities.
  • Mark each activity that can be delegated to somebody else.
  • Mark activities that can be combined into one or, can be considered as an extension of one of the other activity.
  • Rewrite the activities after removing the ones that you will be delegating to others and after combining activities that can be combined.
  • Put a realistic expected completion time against each of the activity. Don’t forget to write down the date and time.

So that is all that is involved in a basic time management plan.

Hope you gained some insight into time management, in this post. I will cover this topic in detail in a later post. Don’t forget to let me know you questions and feedback by commenting below.

online education evolution

The Evolution of Online Education

online education evolutionOnline education has evolved in so many ways. It started out as a concept that lots of people were skeptical about. It has evolved, however, and become something that is now respected by most people. The online degrees have become more acceptable now that millions of students around the world are enrolling. There are also other online education platforms in schools and the workforce that are reshaping the world. This concept continues to build bridges to better educational resources as it grows.

Online Colleges are growing

A few online colleges popped up a more than a decade ago and lots of eyebrows were raised. People wondered if this could really work. Internet speeds were a lot slower and the ability to take classes from home and earn a degree seem unrealistic. There were skeptics and some employers were refusing to really consider this concept as a real degree.

After some bumps in the road the online colleges and universities got a lot strong. More of these colleges came into existence. The online colleges started getting a stronger pool of instructors. The colleges became accredited and this took the online degree concept to a whole new level. It was almost as if the veil of shame had been lifted from the online degree programs. More colleges were budding and a slew of people were finishing their degrees and entering the workforce.

The Diversity of Program Curriculum

A major reason that a lot of these online programs survived and grew has something to do with the curriculum. Some of these colleges had a limited range of online programs that could be offered. This changed as more well-known colleges adopted online programs. The traditional colleges that were already dominant in education gave students the option to learn online. This opened new doors for lots of college students that were already taking classes in physical classrooms.

Lots of traditional schools had students that were taking some classes in a physical classroom setting along with online courses. This concept would eventually go on to inspire lots of single mothers to pursue their degrees. Programs in nursing, technology, and business management became more prevalent. Programs in counseling and psychology also became a big deal.

Accessing Education Online

The field of education is quite large. People have the ability to major in a lot of different things and access the online community many different ways. A person may read a book for class on their eBook reader. Other individuals may take a quiz for class on their tablet PC. Smart phones can even be used to check out homework assignments for a virtual class.

The classroom has become portable in a major way. The growing number of smart device patrons has truly taken online education to a new high. In high schools there are lots of online education programs that are being used to teach students. Many schools have instructors with smart boards. This allows instructors to find interactive educational games that their students can play together.

About the Author:

Alisa Martin is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog focuses on Education bloggers. You can follow him on Google+

professional degree

Professional Advancement at your Fingertips

degrees through distance learningThis is a guest post by Robert on obtaining degrees through Distance learning. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

Six months into your first job and you are already finding it hard to survive the professional battleground. This certainly isn’t unusual in the global professional industry, though it might come across as a new experience for you.

Well, now when you are already in a fix, liberation from the situation must be the only thing that you are seeking. After all, your job is special to you and losing yourself in the whirl of competition is definitely not your choice.

So, what comes up as a solution? In such situations of strife and struggle, distance learning emerges as a friend and guide leading you towards the path of success shaping a bright career for you in the professional world. Obtaining a certification in master’s or any other vocational degree is a must to enhance your career opportunities in today’s age of competition.

The reason is simple; the concept of learning via distance allows you to learn and gain the necessary skills and expertise required to shine in the field alongside maintaining your professional schedule without any hassle or conciliation.

Obtaining Degrees via Distance Learning

If you have a commitment towards your career or job, pursuing an online degree offers you the best opportunity of maintaining the commitment without compromises. Worried about the choices you will have? Well, do not despair, the advancement and wide acceptance of the learning approach worldwide allows an exhibit of a wide range of courses from different disciplines offered by prestigious educational institutes all across the world.

Still seem to be doubtful? Well, here are a few degree choices that can be taken up by professionals in diverse fields of work via distance learning to shape up their career –

Managements / MBA Degree

If you have been worried over your career advancement prospects then, look no further beyond the MBA degree. For many, adding an MBA degree to their resume offers professionals the edge to survive the competition in the industry. You can consider enrolling in the online degree to further your career prospects, irrespective of your professional industry. Obtaining an MBA Degree helps all career-oriented individuals positioned in diverse field of work. You can choose the specialization dependent on your professional interest and matching the relevancy well.

Engineering Degree

For graduates into an engineering firm, accelerating your academic worth via enrolling in a distance learning degree course comes up as a choice that, you would definitely not want to miss. You can choose enrolling in a subject that would add to your skills and expertise greatly allowing an exposure in the international field. Be it in the software development field or in the process/production field, obtaining an expertise in the field is sure to help. However, the bottom line of choosing a degree course that matches your professional interest is the constant factor.

Medicine and Health Science

If you have lived with the notion that the field health science or medicine comes with minimum professional growth then, you are mistaken for sure. A rising industry in terms of professional exposure and career growth, seeking a degree in health science via distance learning is sure to open for you multiple career opportunities attached with a wide exposure. You can consider enrolling for a master’s certification or pursue a vocational diploma course to obtain the edge.


Professional attached to the legal field can at once enroll in an online degree course to advance their career opportunities manifold. Pursuing a master’s or a doctorate degree will not only help you sustain a growth in the industry you are attached to, but also open for you multiple career opportunities in diverse sectors.

The thought of enhancing your career prospect no longer invites a worry for career-oriented individuals, provided you know your calling and travel the preferred road to advancement.

Author Bio –

Robert Williams ignited by his passion for writing loves to pen down contents that not only informs, but also advices. His interest is driven towards the world of education focusing on the new-age learning approach distance learning and online degree career opportunities.


Five Reasons why Continuing Your Education Can Help Your Career

educationThis is a guest post by Danielle on the how education can help you career. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

You have every right to want a break after your eight or nine-hour work day, especially when you add in the time you spend commuting. When you get home, maybe you take care of your family, get a workout in and finally are ready to relax for a while before you get up and do the same thing tomorrow.

The last thing you feel like doing is some homework and studying, but that may be your best option if you want to get ahead. With a few semesters of hard work and dedication, you can achieve a college or graduate degree. An online program has a flexible enough schedule to let you study while you working a full-time job. If you’re on the fence about whether to continue your education, here are a few reasons that you might want to consider.

Career Potential.

A degree puts you in the elite group of highly educated Americans. Only 28 percent of American adults have a college degree, and 10 percent have a graduate degree. These Americans have more job prospects and a more impressive resume. The degree demonstrates your dedication to your field and your extra training and knowledge.

Higher education can improve your job prospects and skills so that you have more opportunities in your chosen profession. Teachers who wish to maximize the potential of their teaching careers may find that an online master degree allows the ability to continue teaching while gaining an educational upper hand.  You can attend virtual lectures and complete your coursework from remote locations as long as you have access to the Internet.

Changing jobs.

During your career, you’ll probably end up changing jobs at least a few times. At least, the average American does, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can happen when you quit a job that you hate, you find a new job that you like or you and your family move to a new location. You may even be let go, through no fault of your own, because of company downsizing during an economic recession. Your resume is critical in your job searches, and an extra degree improves the impact of your resume.

Preparation for the future.

Let’s say that you’re a hard worker whose main concern is to have a better future for yourself and your family. You may be afraid to spend the time and tuition costs now to get an education, but it’s important to remember that education is an investment in your future. The dedication that you put in now will get you a degree that lasts forever.

Improving Your Skills

Higher education isn’t like high school, when your primary goal was to memorize material for the exam so you could get a good grade. Higher education is about specialization and practical learning. You’ll learn background knowledge to help you understand concepts, and you’ll also learn useful skills that are more specific to your career.

Improve Your Prospects

Going back to school can give help you determine what career path you want to take. If you already know, higher education can help you improve your prospects because many jobs require a college or graduate degree. While you are enrolled in school, you can also take advantage of free counseling and resources in your institution’s career service center. And taking the initiative to improve your education and burnish your credentials isn’t just good for your resume and career; it’s good for you.

About the author:

Danielle is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in blogging about education and professional development.

bully boss

Don’t Let Your Boss Bully You!

bully boss

This is a guest post by Maya on dealing with a bully boss. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

An unfortunate yet common situation for employees (in all types of jobs and positions), is working under a bully boss. This is something that workers typically encounter at one point in their careers. Others, who have maybe not experienced it directly, have probably witnessed it through their co-workers.

How to Work with a Bully Boss?

There are ways to figure out what you need to do in regards to this. First you need to identify if you are the main problem or, if it is really your annoying boss. When it comes to being bullied, knowing (and reminding yourself) that you didn’t ask for it is an important step in dealing with it.  Bullied people can often feel defenseless, under-confident, and sometimes scared, which makes the other person feel even more superior.

The constant burden that you suffer from your bully boss can cause you to rarely ever have peace of mind. So make sure that you do give yourself time to be with people that make you happy and make you feel at ease. Spending time outside the office can give you more courage to approach the problem. Try to indulge yourself in activities where you can recuperate and rejuvenate.

Additionally, you should know your side and be realistic about it. Get all the angles. Make notes on what is going on and make an effort to document specific things that happen, as well as the days and times, etc. Try to ask others if they, too, are experiencing it. This is not about someone who is looking for a corporate award or, recognition for working hard. We’re talking about problems that are a lot bigger than that.

The Basics to dealing with a Bully Boss

Learn to be firm and don’t do something that will make you look bad; remember that two wrongs don’t make a right. You don’t want to be doing things that will only make the situation worse. You want to improve it, or get out of it, whichever is better and right for you! Changing how you respond to certain situations might be all that is necessary, especially when you are dealing with difficult people like your bully boss.

But sometimes that isn’t enough, and much more is required. Sometimes the only way out is to actually leave or walk out, depending on the situation of course. When people are hard to change – you need to make changes happen, one way or another.

If it’s at all possible, let the people involved know what they’re doing to you, in this situation, you bully boss. Make an attempt to inform your bully boss that he or she is making you feel dismal. Wait for a response from them. If the reaction is not what you are expecting, then it may be time for you to confide in someone who is in a higher or more powerful position.

But be careful who you turn to. Many times higher superiors and managers tend to see things from the side of your bully boss. They may be looking at things from a very different perspective so really try to go to someone who deals with personnel issues and who has impact and influence in this area.

A lot of bullies tend to act differently and their behaviors change depending on who they are interacting with. Sometimes, they can be on major power trips and the more superior they are the more abusive they are to their subordinates. So remember to look for someone higher up who can understand your side and handle it in a well-mannered way. But finding the right person like this to support you can be difficult, so as hard as it may be, you’ll need to be smart and patient about it.

Dealing with a Bully Boss – the last resort

Lastly, if absolutely nothing works out, then consider your options – you may need to switch paths. There are still companies out there who aim to nurture and respect their employees since they realize that these are their greatest assets and resources! They value their manpower and even have employee recognition programs to show off and reward their employees and departments or teams who deserve it.

That way everyone is working together towards a common goal – from the bottom up. People who are brave enough to leave a negative situation that they’re in will often follow a new path that leads them to a better, more promising, and happier future and career.

About the Author:

This article was written by Maya Case who works as an article marketing manager.