BPOs and the smoking ban

No Smoking

BPOs have always been character assasinated. It is in the news for all the wrong reasons, rather BPOs are made the reason for all the wrong news. When I joined the BPOs, I was told that one cannot work in a call center without smoking. You have to smoke to cope up with the stress you encounter in a BPO. But its has been 8 years now and I have … [Read more...]

Safety of the Woman Employee

Another murder of an employee working in a BPO, another news for the media. Is it anything more than this? Perhaps this is a question worth discussing. What are the initiatives that we took when the first such incident in Bangalore happened? Did we formulate enough measure to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future? Probably not. It is easy … [Read more...]

Whose responsibility?

It seems newspapers are now realizing that BPO is a huge news generator for them. You would find some or, the other news in almost all of the leading dailies. Some of them are absolute crap and are baseless and stinky opinion of some individuals who are okay with sitting in the stadium and watching people play and who would then want to criticize … [Read more...]