5 Lessons I Learnt from a Job Interview I Failed – Facing Interview Rejection!

interview rejection

This should not be new for anyone who has anytime in his life went on a hunt for a new job. It is not uncommon for anyone to fail in the interview. But what is important is the fact that you learn from the interview that you failed in. Failures can be extremely difficult to […]

Tips for Maintaining a Positive State of Mind for Professional Success

positive thinking

When we think about aspects of health and wellness, the first things to come to mind are typically exercising and eating right. Our minds almost immediately go to states of physical health and wellness. While physical health is absolutely essential, mental health and wellness are also important aspects of being a healthy individual. Just as […]

Overcoming Interview Rejections

Handling Interview Rejections

Rejections at interviews are not uncommon. But your success at every subsequent interviews depend upon how you handle your failure in the previous one. How easy is it to overcome an interview rejection? It took me 12 interviews to get my first job. With every failed interview, I kept loosing my confidence. Every subsequent interview […]