Allied Health Services – A Career Option Less Explored

allied health services

For most kids, a career in medicine is to become a doctor or, a nurse. Some go for a career in alternative medicine, but that is where it ends. Anything other than these is either not known or, not preferred. It is an irony that while the health care industry comprises of only about 20-22% of doctors and nurses, the rest, which is the biggest part … [Read more...]

List Of Careers Associated With Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is considered to be one of the widely chosen career option among fresh school graduates.  Engineering offers vast career options as it is the only field which is categorized into various specializations such as mechanical, electrical, computer and so on. In this article we will specifically talk about various career opportunities … [Read more...]

How To Learn Russian Language in 10 Easy Steps

learning language

There are nearly 193 countries in the world with diverse cultures, traditions and of course language. Language has always been a barrier for many people who are fond of travelling and often have to visit various parts of the world for some or the other purpose. Some languages are easy, and some are very difficult to learn or even to understand. … [Read more...]

How to Survive Unemployment!

Surviving Unemployment

Dealing with unemployment is never easy. Whether you had to walk away from the job or you were let go, not having a job puts a tremendous amount of stress in your life. Financial responsibilities and dependent family members make the burden of unemployment unbearable at times, but there is also the added stress of your bruised self-esteem. … [Read more...]

Productive Options for the Unemployed Grad

unemployed grad

So you did it—you've finally finished your undergrad degree and have put college behind you. You're all moved out of the dorms and the campus is in your rearview mirror—only this didn't just happen. That was over a year ago, and any post-college, new-grad excitement has definitely worn off as company after company has rejected or ignored your eager … [Read more...]