3 Elements of Your Career that are More Important than Your Paycheck

Employee Benefits

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After four, five, six years of late night studying in school, college, coffee shop jobs, student research positions, and unpaid internships, it’s no surprise that new grads are looking to get a solid paycheck for all the work they’ve done to qualify for the “real world”. With student debt skyrocketing, that high paying job you’ll likely hate can be nonetheless extremely enticing.

Sure, you deserve a big paycheck, but is that really all you want out of a job?

With the turbulent economic atmosphere of today, it can be easy to only think money, money, money, when it comes to your job search. However, don’t be blindsided by dollar signs—there are many things about a career that are just as (if not more) important than the paycheck.

To lead a truly successful and satisfying professional life look beyond the paycheck and evaluate job possibilities and opportunities by these three factors as well.

Employee Benefits

With the rising costs of medical expenses and health insurance, strong employer benefits can be as good as money in your pocket. Things like strong health, dental, and vision insurance are hugely important in career.

Take a careful look at what kinds of health and other benefits a company offers. If you are considering a job offer, try to get a careful understanding of the company’s benefits package that they offer their employees.

What type of health insurance do they offer?

How much of the premium will the company cover?

What other services are provided within the package?

These things are extremely important. Though as a newly college grad, health costs, insurance, and retirement are the last things on our mind, they can be extremely important to the true value of a position. Things like life insurance, retirement plans, and other insurance factors can cost a pretty penny without the help of a supportive employer.

Work Culture

Company culture and office atmosphere are something that play a huge role in how happy an individual is at their job. Working at a company with a culture and feel that work for you can in many ways outweigh the check they cut you each year.

You want to find a company that has an office culture that works well with your own individual values and interests. Regardless of how hefty your paycheck is, if you hate the office environment you work in, you’re never going to be truly happy and satisfied with your job.

There are many aspects that go into what an office’s culture and atmosphere are like. Things like dress code, schedule, flexibility, age demographic can all play a large role in the feel of a company and group overall. Take these things into consideration. You want to find a position where you feel valued and comfortable within the group as a whole.

Employee Perks

Other than insurance and money, there are many things a company can offer to make your job (and life) more enjoyable. When evaluating potential jobs consider perks like paid parking, paid vacation time, sick leave, and schedule. These things can play a huge role in how much satisfaction you get out of the work you do every day.

Many downtown employers operating in large, bustling cities will pay their employees parking costs. This is something that many potential employees overlook in their job search process. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you turn down a position if an employer doesn’t pay for your parking, but it is something you can consider.

During the all-important pay negotiations that take place during a new employment take smaller costs like this into consideration. Furthermore, you should also look into what types of policies that employer has on days off, paid vacation, and sick days. Even if you absolutely love your job, taking an occasional vacation is essential.

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