Don’t Let Your Boss Bully You!

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This is a guest post by Maya on dealing with a bully boss. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

An unfortunate yet common situation for employees (in all types of jobs and positions), is working under a bully boss. This is something that workers typically encounter at one point in their careers. Others, who have maybe not experienced it directly, have probably witnessed it through their co-workers.

How to Work with a Bully Boss?

There are ways to figure out what you need to do in regards to this. First you need to identify if you are the main problem or, if it is really your annoying boss. When it comes to being bullied, knowing (and reminding yourself) that you didn’t ask for it is an important step in dealing with it.  Bullied people can often feel defenseless, under-confident, and sometimes scared, which makes the other person feel even more superior.

The constant burden that you suffer from your bully boss can cause you to rarely ever have peace of mind. So make sure that you do give yourself time to be with people that make you happy and make you feel at ease. Spending time outside the office can give you more courage to approach the problem. Try to indulge yourself in activities where you can recuperate and rejuvenate.

Additionally, you should know your side and be realistic about it. Get all the angles. Make notes on what is going on and make an effort to document specific things that happen, as well as the days and times, etc. Try to ask others if they, too, are experiencing it. This is not about someone who is looking for a corporate award or, recognition for working hard. We’re talking about problems that are a lot bigger than that.

The Basics to dealing with a Bully Boss

Learn to be firm and don’t do something that will make you look bad; remember that two wrongs don’t make a right. You don’t want to be doing things that will only make the situation worse. You want to improve it, or get out of it, whichever is better and right for you! Changing how you respond to certain situations might be all that is necessary, especially when you are dealing with difficult people like your bully boss.

But sometimes that isn’t enough, and much more is required. Sometimes the only way out is to actually leave or walk out, depending on the situation of course. When people are hard to change – you need to make changes happen, one way or another.

If it’s at all possible, let the people involved know what they’re doing to you, in this situation, you bully boss. Make an attempt to inform your bully boss that he or she is making you feel dismal. Wait for a response from them. If the reaction is not what you are expecting, then it may be time for you to confide in someone who is in a higher or more powerful position.

But be careful who you turn to. Many times higher superiors and managers tend to see things from the side of your bully boss. They may be looking at things from a very different perspective so really try to go to someone who deals with personnel issues and who has impact and influence in this area.

A lot of bullies tend to act differently and their behaviors change depending on who they are interacting with. Sometimes, they can be on major power trips and the more superior they are the more abusive they are to their subordinates. So remember to look for someone higher up who can understand your side and handle it in a well-mannered way. But finding the right person like this to support you can be difficult, so as hard as it may be, you’ll need to be smart and patient about it.

Dealing with a Bully Boss – the last resort

Lastly, if absolutely nothing works out, then consider your options – you may need to switch paths. There are still companies out there who aim to nurture and respect their employees since they realize that these are their greatest assets and resources! They value their manpower and even have employee recognition programs to show off and reward their employees and departments or teams who deserve it.

That way everyone is working together towards a common goal – from the bottom up. People who are brave enough to leave a negative situation that they’re in will often follow a new path that leads them to a better, more promising, and happier future and career.

About the Author:

This article was written by Maya Case who works as an article marketing manager.