Deperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!! How True is it?

Desperate Measures

The topic title will have surely got your attention. If it has, then I am sure you are a little too desperate to change.

But does desperate times calls for desperate measures?

There was this friend of mine who was desperate for a change. The world was reeling under recession. Pay-hikes were stopped. There were no promotions, no incentives and no bonuses. Even jobs were few. Options were limited.

But he wanted to change. He did not receive a pay-hike for the 2nd consecutive year and his promotion was delayed because the organization decided to put a hold on promotions.

His job search went on for months –  5 months to be precise. But finally he got a break. The organization was very small. The hike was not too much. Facilities were minimal. But he got a better designation. His desperation finally ended.

Fast forward to 7 months.

His old organization declared a handsome bonus. The appraisals across the organization was extremely good. Promotion eligibility changed and a lot of people who were less tenured than my old friend got promoted.

Today he wants to come back to the organization because he is fed up on the lack of work culture and ethics. He regrets his decision to join a not-so-known brand name.

This is not just a one-off example. This is something that we see across organizations with a lot of youngsters for whom career is just about jumping organizations or, getting a pay hike in about 6 months.

It is never advisable to be desperate. You should be desperate for a good career but the desperation should not be to change jobs frequently or, for a short term salary hike.

Without being desperate for a job you can still manage to find an employer who can manage your skills.

Some important points that you should bear in mind in a desperate situation are –

  • Spend time in job search and also spend time in networking. It is highly likely that between two equally qualified employee, the one who has a referral will get selected.
  • Don’t show y0ur desperation, stay calm and display patience.
  • Prepare well for the interview – learn about the company as much as possible. It shows that you studied the company and it will differentiate you.
  • Don’t hide that you are in the market and looking for a job. The more you are open the higher the chances that someone will be able to help you.

The key to building a long term career is “PATIENCE”. You should not be looking at your achievements in a short term time-frame. Instead look at how your career is shaping up across about 5 -6 years.

Remember – You are worth more than what a “Desperate Career Move” will give you.